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      聯系部門: 中國紡織工業聯合會
      聯系地址: 北京市朝陽區朝陽門
      電  話: (86-10) 85229207
      傳  真: (86-10)85229219
      電子郵箱: xhbgs@cntac.org.cn
      網  址: www.cntac.org.cn
        中國紡織工業聯合會,英文名称China National Textile And Apparel Council(缩写为CNTAC)。中國紡織工業聯合會是全国性的纺织行业组织,主要成员是有法人资格的纺织行业协会及其他法人实体,为实现会员共同意愿而依照本会章程开展活动的综合性、非营利性的社团法人和自律性的行业中介组织。

      ◆ 调查研究国内外纺织服装行业现状及发展趋势,提出有关经济技术和立法方面的意见和建议。
      ◆ 制定行规行约,规范行业行为,建立行业自律机制,维护行业利益。
      ◆ 在纺织行業發展战略、发展规划、产业政策及结构调整、技术进步、品牌建设、市场开拓等方面开展工作。
      ◆ 综合协调纺织各行业之间的经济技术关系,促进行业结构调整和产业升级,推动横向经济联合与协作。
      ◆ 进行行业统计,收集、分析、发布行业信息,依法开展统计调查,开展行业电子商务信息活动。
      ◆ 组织开展行业对外经济技术协作与交流。
      ◆ 参与研究制定纺织行业中长期科技发展战略,参与制订、修订行业标准,并组织贯彻实施。
      ◆ 开展行业商贸、科技、投资、人才、管理等各种推介活动。
      ◆ 编辑出版纺织服装类出版物。
      ◆ 组织培训各类纺织专业人才。
      ◆ 组织发展本行业的公益事业。
      ◆ 承担政府和有关部门委托的各项任务。
      聯系部門:中國紡織工業聯合會 辦公室
      聯系地址:北京市朝陽區朝陽門北大街 18 号
      電  話:(86-10) 85229207/9200/9907/9909
      傳  真:(86-10) 85229219
      網  址:


      China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) is a nation-level organization for China’s textile and apparel industry. Its members are associations and legal entities from the textile and apparel industry. The Council serves as an integrated, non-profit and self-disciplined industrial organization with the aim to realize the shared will of all its members and to organize activities and events according to its statutes.
      The Council devotes itself to the sound development of China’s textile industry and building a leading textile nation through the acts of abiding by national constitution, laws and regulations; adhering to the scientific outlook on development; insisting on a new path to industrialization; establishing a sound self-regulatory mechanism for the industry; protecting the legitimate rights and interests of its members and enterprises; implementing national industrial policies and performing the functions authorized and entrusted by the government; guiding the development of the industry, and serving wholeheartedly its members, enterprises, the industry and government.

      The Council’s main objectives are:
      - to investigate the current situation and development trends of domestic and international textile and apparel industries, and put forward economic, technical and legislative suggestions and proposals.
      - to work out the regulations and rules for the industry, standardize the industry, establish a self-discipline mechanism and protect the interest of the industry.
      - to work on the industrial development strategies/divlans/divolicies, the industrial restructuring, technological progress, brands building, markets development, etc.
      - to coordinate the economic and technical relations among sectors of the textile industry, boost industrial restructuring and upgrading, and promote the integration of the textile industrial chain.
      - to conduct industry statistics; collect, analyze and issue industry information; carry out industry surveys in accordance with the law, and organize activities on e-commerce of the industry.
      - to organize and promote the international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation.
      - to participate in the formulation of the medium and long-term industrial development strategies and industrial standards and organize to implement these strategies and standards.
      - to carry on activities to promote exchanges of business and trade, science and technology, professional resources, management, etc.
      - to make textile and apparel publications.
      - to organize training for textile professionals.
      - to organize welfare activities of the industry.
      - to undertake tasks entrusted by the government and relevant departments.


      Contact: Office of China National Textile and Apparel Council
      Address: 18 North Street, Chaoyangmen, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
      Tel: (86-10) 85229207/9200/9907/9909
      Fax: (86-10) 85229219
      Email: xhbgs@cntac.org.cn
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